Enviado el: 24 de agosto de 2016
Nombre: Michael J. Merry  
Lugar: England
Email: michaeljamesmerry@hotmail.com
Asunto: Reserve Officer's Beach Club


Estimado Johnny ,

Dear Mr.Torres:

I received your e-mail. Thank you. I was a member at the ROBC from 1976 through 1982. Many enjoyable hours were spent there. I worked for Western Union International located on Calle Hoare so I was five minutes from the Club. The Club was not very well known back then and was very private. I played a lot of tennis there and being the Tennis Secretary at the time, would open up the gates at around 630am each morning to get in. When I joined the club it was in a sorry state of repair. The beach was beautiful of course, hemmed in by a small reef. The ‘beach’ would come and go throughout the year as the tide pattern changed. One week it was all sandy and the next the sand had almost gone and rocks alone remained. The water was if you looked at it from the club but once down the steps and into the sea, it was very clear. I recall that at the time I was in San Juan there was a novela on the TV and the opening for the credits was a convertible speeding along the clifftop from the Caribe Hilton down to Old San Juan and the Club and great beach and beautiful sea could be seen off the right. The introductory music was by Jose Luis Rodriguez (El Puma) and was entitled “Voy a Perder la Cabeza por Tu Amor”. In 1978 a member whose name was William Gonzales (I think) and who owned an office cleaning company, donated a sum of money which was used to update the Tennis Pavilion which was one of the buildings directly in front of the tennis courts. It was very well done and proved to be a great gathering place for the players. Once could get food from the bar, served by the ancient waiter “Ortiz” the most popular was the friend chicken lumps. There were men and women’s showers but never hot water! 

I have written about the club on WIKI at : http://www.cial.org.uk/fixedwiki/Latin_America_1950s_8.html 

M J Merry