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Alba Zavala
Knows how to take teasings -quick smile - one of the Four Musketeers - quiet but friendly - sweet and kind.

Rafael A. Meléndez
"Hombre Listo" - innocent face but always ready with his dedense - wills his smile.

Jorge Luis Colombani
Negative pole when the positive pole is mathematics - wants to graduate in languages - wills his knowledge of world affairs -slow to speak but sure when started.

German Casasús
"Mr. Activity" - nuclear engineer - wills his "conocimientos destructores" - able to find a debate in anything - child expert since Field Day.

Evelyn Nieves
"Wide-eyed Wonder" - good friend and loyal companion - talent for writing - active extra-curricular activities. wills her "Mona Lisa smile".

Adrián Delgado
Student Council President - likes to tease - loyal friend - owner of the Hangout - future electronic engineer.

Jorge Ruisánchez
Pepe - popular he says with girls - hotel administration -wills his broad smile and songs -always ready to lend a hand.

Tomás Arroyo
Tommy - artist of the Fourth Year- lends his artistic talent to all activities - good friend with a happy disposition - wills his aplomb to speak in front of the class.

Miriam Sánchez
Always laughing - famous for punctuality in schoolwork - obliging and courteous - wills her even disposition.

Irene Michaels
Outstanding student - always' with Evelyn - very understanding - wills her ability to make friendships.

Irene Maduro
Outstanding Hija de María. Popular for her singing - wants to be an airline hostess - wills her hairdos.

Gladys Maldonado
Dreamer - quietly cooperative -wills her likeness to Marta Romero. Commercial Club.

Elvira Padilla
Talent for commercial subjects -bookworm - President of Commercial Club.

Luz Belén Avila
"La Melena" - distracted genius - loves a good discussion - stands by her decisions.

Juan Manuel Miranda
"Chiqui" - Class President - apt for speechmaking- likes commercial work - wills the crease in his uniform.

Adela González
"Nuestra Gran Dama" - wills her "A" in mathematics - Baby-killer in volleyball - respectful -a favorite among her companions.

Ángel Luis López
"Class Poet" - gentleman - wills his place in the gymnasium -ready sense of humor - champion weightlifter.

Edwardo Bonefont
Man of great thoughts and few words - leaving for New York - putstanding in sports -wills his pants and shining smile.

María Alejandrina Viñas
Alyn - able to keep a secret -high ideals coupled with the perseverance to attain it wills her reserve.

Félix Jorge Agrait
"Bole" - one in whom you can confide - wills his good manners and his "tres amigas" - bowling expert - camera fan.

José Joaquín Barreiro
Business administration - well known for his bearing and well-groomed look - "Mr. Guillete of the Year - boxing and bowling.

Ianthe Jacobs
"Miss Hospitality" - wills her refinement - famous for her dance.

Jaime O. Flores
Nervous energy . quick silver -wills his good looks and personality - Holy Name President -valuable member of Musical Festival.

Felipe Miró
"Perito" in Commercial - faithful typist for Ecos - wills his willingness to be of service.

Ana Longo
"Anie" - essay contest expert -retiring - uses time well - honor student - enjoys biographies of the saints.

Frances Rodríguez
Good sense of humor _ honor student - wills her ability to speak English like an "Americana".

Miguel Negrón
All-around - popular in the colegio - wills his ability to get along with the other students -captain of the volleyball team-forensic finalist.

Luis Ariel Molinary
Business administration - musician.

Milagros Santos
Studious - math genius - cooperative with her companions - always happy - interested in accounting.

Orlando Díaz
Basketball star - chemical engineer - wills his long legs and eye glass case - tease - puzzled look - Mayagüez - bound.

Ángel Francisco Rodríguez
Pacón - rival de Molinary - favorite study, math - wills his great love of horses.

Servando Cátala
"Swifty" - always ready to give his opinión - wills his "puntuality" - "paseítos" - happy disposition.

Roberto López
"Tito" - Chemical Engineer -contagious l a u g h - wills his "height" and his system of finding the Colegio - destination -Siena College.

Rosa E. Román
"Narcisa" - wills her personal neatness and good taste - home permanent expert - violent in discussion but sentimental not withstanding.

Aida Chévere
"Baby of the Fourth Year" - always ready and willing to cooperate - worthy of her teachers and companions' esteem - wills her "pañuelo de puntos rojos".


Who's Who


Members of the Clan

Adrián Delgado, Orlando Díaz, Roberto Cruz, Rafael Menéndez, Félix Jorge Agrait, Luis Ángel Molinary, Jorge Ruisánchez, Peter Berríos.
The Beautician
Rosa Eneida Román

The Little Musketeers
Germán Casasús Jaime Flores Roberto López

Fashion Designer and Teacher
Evelyn Nieves

The Tennis Champs
Irene Maduro, lanthe Jacobs, Elvira Padilla

Kingston Trio
Miguel Negrón, Jorge Luis Colombani, Eduardo Bonefont

Lovely Mexican Singer
María Elena Santos
Carnival Expert
Juan Manuel Miranda


The following 28 Seniors have been in the Colegio since the first grade:

Rafael A. Meléndez
Jorge L. Colombani
Ángel L. López
José A. López
Jaime Flores
Felipe Miró
Luz Belén Ávila
Rosa E. Román
María E. Santos
Aída Chévere
Peter Berríos
Roberto Cruz
Servando Cátala
Roberto López

Juan M. Miranda
María A. Viñas
Félix Agraít
Ángel Rodríguez
Eduardo Bonefont
Miguel Negrón
Tomás Arroyo
Francés Rodríguez
Irene Maduro
Gladys Maldonado
Adela González
Irene Michaels
Milagros Santos
María Rolón


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